Fun in the Rum - The Caribbean Project

'Fortune favours the brave' ~ Virgil


I am lucky and crazy enough to have been presented with an opportunity to record my third album in Anguilla, a remote island in the Caribbean.

I am certain this is one adventure that will produce some extraordinary sounds. There is a strong sense of Buena Vista Social Club meets Arabian blues riffs over reggae beats & Spanish progressions with local Anguillian guest appearances and all polished off with Ashfield spunk.

It is with immense pleasure and pride that I can announce I will be teaming up with award winning producer Syd Green on this album.

If you happen to like me and/or if you like my music, and would like to contribute to the recording by throwing some cold hard cash my way - well you can!

(The airfares to paradise are killer, but I hear the rum is cheap.)

Please press the DONATE button and give what you can.

If you donate $10 I will consider you tops and amazing all in one. If you pop in $25 I will send you my recent CD as thanks and if you donate $45 or more I will put your name on the new CD's artwork as a credit and special thanks.

So... Here I go. Travelling to a world, a world away, to make world music, my way.

Every month I will post a little vid and/or picture to show you how my preparation is going and to reveal more details about the project. So please stay in touch and share the journey. Thankyou x

'The lunatic, the lover, and the poet, are of imagination all compact.' ~ William Shakespere


Back to work..

England & Ireland DECEMBER 2012

2 weeks to go!

Almost time to fly over to England and lovely Ireland to play some shows and meet some new friends. Very excited.


September residency at SLH


It is back on!

After the dissapointing news of GoGo's cancellation and subsequent cancellation of our June tour, we have gone back to the drawing board.

Thanks to the efforts and sponsorship of Rude Bookings, I am touring the UK solo acoustic this coming December. Laid back and low key. I am so happy and excited and look forward to seeing some ole buddies again.

I will be in the UK from 3rd Dec till the 17th Dec. ... U.Kayeons Ahoy! - conatct me for gigs and jams.

Check out & buy HIGHWAY HEART from the store


P.S Just found out the GoGo festival has been cancelled. :( No rockin out on the mainstage with Peaches. :( Thanks to all those who sent me well wishes throughout my preparation.

AJ Allen's lovely words...
"A free-spirited beauty who is both self-deprecating and disarmingly unaffected. Highway Heart is the second album by Australian singer/songwriter, Bridie O’Brien, and is a perfect introduction to her individual style of music and strong signature vocals.

London and Melbourne based Rude Bookings have sponsored Bridie’s first UK performance. She is on the main stage at GOGO Festival, London, on June 10th, where she will premiere tracks from the album. Full of passion, energy, drive and conviction, Bridie is sure to set the stage alight with a range of introspective songs that reach out and grab you. A second gig on June 15th is soon to be announced." [Read More...]

I am performing at The GoGo Festival in London on June 10th 2012!

An amazing opportunity to rock the UK has been granted. I am booked to play on the main stage along side Peaches and Jill Jackson.